Facebook will downgrade content from groups posted by offending users

Given the impact Facebook has on society as a whole, the company led by Mark Zuckerberg has no choice but to do even more to get users to act according to the rules of engagement on its main social media platform.

To all the content moderation efforts carried out to date, now comes one more step in that direction, focusing again on groups, as it has been doing since the 2020 presidential elections.

Looking for a better ability to moderate in groups

Facebook will begin to limit the scope of the publications in the groups that have been carried out by members who have violated the rules of participation in other areas of the social network.

In practice, this means that the rest of the users of the same community will have less possibilities of accessing the publications of those members who have already committed infractions, according to the existing rules, in other parts of the community. Facebook.

This form of “punishment” for offenders does not come alone, since on the other hand, Facebook is also launching a new function called “marked by Facebook” by which the administrators of the same group a list of those contents that Facebook considers they should be eliminated.

Administrators will be able to go directly for their elimination or give them a new opportunity to request a review that allows them to save themselves from the purge in case of possible error.

Ultimately, it is a new opportunity that group administrators are given to act on content considered infringing before Facebook can intervene and issue a warning that may, ultimately, harm the viability of the own groups.

Facebook faces criticism of the way it handles harmful content, waiting for other leaked documents to arrive that continue to question the way the company handles this type of situation in recent times.

There is no doubt that the pressure exerted by society, along with other elements, from Facebook seek not only to improve the mechanisms, but also to make a kind of clean slate, such as wanting to rename of the parent company and direct its efforts in the experience that it wants to develop in what has been called a metaverse.

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