Google Play Store will show how much users’ apps know

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The Google team mentioned that it will add a new section in the Play Store that will allow users to know how much the apps know about them.

It is not the first time that Google has spoken about this new dynamic that will force developers to be more transparent about how they use user data. A few months ago, Google commented on this new security section:

This new security section will provide developers with an easy way to show the overall security of their application. Developers will be able to give users a deeper insight into their privacy and security practices, as well as explain what data the app can collect and why, all before users install the app.

This will not only give users more insight into how their data is used, but it will also allow them to have more control over this information. In addition to data usage, this section will also show whether you adhere to certain security practices, for example data encryption. And of course, the developers will have to make it clear if all the data they request from the user or their device is mandatory for the operation of the app, or if it is optional.

The google team continues to move forward with this initiative and is instructing developers to submit the information needed to complete this new section within their application file. In one of his latest publications, he explains in detail all the steps that developers must follow, as well as the roadmap for the implementation of this new section.

One detail to keep in mind is that this new dynamic will not begin shortly, but will begin to be implemented from February 2021. When users open Google Play from their Android devices, they will find this data summary within the “About of this application ”.

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