Jigsaw traps become NFTs

Jigsaw celebrates Halloween and unveils a new game for its fans. The franchise embarks on the creation of NFT.

All cultural fields give way to the madness of the NFTs. These non-fungible tokens, which allow a digital work to be authenticated, notably invested the ranks of DC, which offered them to all registered participants of son FanDome. For the world of the 7th art, this is an opportunity to offer fans unique virtual objects, from some of the most popular franchises.

Now it’s Saw’s turn to take that step, with his first NFT collection and a terrifying new game. For Halloween, Lionsgate, in partnership with Twisted Pictures, is launching several collections of non-fungible tokens inspired by the world of Jigsaw.

On October 26, fans will be able to get their hands on the license’s most iconic traps, 5 in total. Two days later, these are the blueprints of these same traps that will be on sale, as well as keys (1000). Holders of three corresponding items will thus have privileged access to an original sequence linked to the films. We do not yet know what it is, a trailer? The platform specializing in digital collectibles Autograph just mentions “Access to a new world of horror”.

A new experience

Interviewed by HypeBeast, producer Mark Burg, explains this approach by a desire to offer a new experience to fans. “Our biggest challenge with every movie in the Saw series has been pushing ourselves to bring something new, cool and unexpected to our audiences. These NFTs take the best of the saga and amplify it even more, because fans can be a part of Saw’s story ”.

These NFTs will be marketed on Autograph. In the coming months, several collections inspired by equally popular franchises will be launched. This will be the case for John Wick, Hunger Games or the series Mad Men. Is the future of collectors just a click away?

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