Roborock Dyad – Roborock presents vacuum cleaners with double motors and 3 rollers

Roborock Dyad – This is the name of today’s newly presented vacuum cleaner from Roborock. The model has three brush rollers and two motors.

Roborock Dyad combines the best of all hard floor cleaners

Roborock, one of the leading manufacturers of vacuum robots, now also wants to conquer other segments in the floor care sector. In keeping with the general β€œhype” about vacuum cleaners, the company has the today Roborock Dyad presents.

Image: Roborock

Image: Roborock

With the Roborock Dyad, Roborock has once again observed the market very well and developed a vacuum cleaner that combines the best of other devices and has eliminated the criticisms of the competition. So the Roborock Dyad owns the same three brush rollersthat of powered by two separate motors become (DyadPower). The two back roles go here all the way to the edgeso that no edge is left out when cleaning the edges. Since the rollers move against each other, the cleaning performance is further improved.

Also one automatic dirt detection is on board with the dyad. In this way, the water flow and suction power are automatically increased when heavy soiling is detected. There is also one Suck-only modethat can absorb excess water from the floor, for example after showering or bathing.

Image: Roborock

On one LED-Display the vacuum cleaner displays all information about the cleaning process. With his 5,000 mAh Battery can the dyad clean for up to 35 minutes. A self-cleaning function is of course also included here.

But what is particularly interesting is the price at which the Roborock Dyad goes on sale. With a RRP of 449 euros Roborock declares war on the competition. The sales start is on 11. November, initially exclusively on AliExpress. A test device is already on the way, so I can provide you with a test on our YouTube channel as soon as possible.

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