Splinter Cell is going to make its comeback after an endless wait!

Forget the mobile episode; eight years after Blacklist, it seems that a new Splinter Cell worthy of the name is in the works!

Prepare your black suit, night vision goggles and silencer; almost a decade later Blacklist, the legendary Sam Fisher will finally return to service. Video Games Chronicle announces indeed that the production of a new opus of Splinter Cell would have started recently!

This is a big announcement for this big name in the video game landscape, after a rather mediocre mobile episode. Fans have been clamoring for a real sequel to this dark series for years, fueled by the imagination of the brilliant Tom Clancy. But since the release of the excellent Blacklist in 2013, it was dead calm on PC and consoles. Of course, discretion is at the heart of Sam Fisher’s profession; but after years of radio silence, one could legitimately begin to wonder if the ghost of Echelon 3 did not have definitely hung up his famous glasses.

A still almost complete blur

It is therefore a sacred balm in the heart for players keen on infiltration. But this good news also marks the beginning of a waiting which is already announced, very, very long. By now, the title has barely entered the early stages of production. So don’t expect Ubisoft to unveil a schedule in the coming months. Either way, it probably won’t be released for several years. But according to VGC, it is not excluded that the game will be officially announced during the next year.

There remains therefore a hope of hearing from him in the relatively near future. For example, it will be interesting to observe that study will inherit the baby. Because according to VGC, the development could be supported by another structure than the usual Canadian branch of Ubisoft. It could for example be the branches of Ubisoft in Shanghai or Milan, which worked on Double Agent and Pandora Now.

But better to moderate your expectations. Until now, it had not been never elapsed more than three years between two episodes by Splinter Cell. However, eight years have already passed since Blacklist. The studio is therefore absolutely not in a hurry, and has any interest in taking your time. It would be almost miraculous to see this game arrive before 2024.

A lot of unknowns, in short. But at the end of the day, we’re at least sure of one thing: we’ll have a brand new Splinter Cell to chew on for years to come. And that, we can only be satisfied!

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