this novel technique promises to increase its useful life by 30%

A new study, conducted by a professor at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, has developed a new system of battery recycling of electric cars that, in addition to extracting all the materials, indicates that the result of a new battery with them, it may be more effective than the original.

The results, published in Joule magazine, show that batteries with recycled cathodes can be as good or even better than those that use new, state-of-the-art materials.

Up to 80% capacity retention

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The recycling of spent lithium-ion batteries plays an important role in alleviate raw material shortages and environmental problems.

The problem that companies face is that, when it comes to recycling a battery, it may lose effectiveness when it comes to manufacturing a new one with recycled materials.

In this new study, NMC111) cathode cells – lithium, manganese and cobalt oxide – the most common among electric vehicles, have been used to test the result.

Recycled material has been shown to have an even better life cycle result reported for recycled materials, allowing 4,200 cycles and 11,600 cycles at 80% and 70% capacity retention, which as indicated, would improve between 33% and 53%.

Based on experimental and modeling results, the unique microstructure of recycled materials enables a superior electrochemical performance.

In other words, the recycled material exceeds the commercially available equivalent, providing an ecological and sustainable solution for spent lithium-ion batteries.

The recycled material showed a more porous microscopic structure that is better for lithium ions in and out. The result: batteries with an energy density similar to those made with commercial cathodes, but which also showed up to a 53% longer life cycle.

The recycling of batteries for electric cars is getting bigger and there are many studies, new techniques and the companies that are looking to be leaders in this field.

Is already getting up the first plant in Spain for the recycling of these elements, which will be operational in 2023.

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