Total irresponsible! This video portrays how a truck driver was driving that exceeded seven times the level of alcohol

Doing that, running off the road and dangerously threatening to tip over. Sevenfold the alcohol rate. It is truck driver has starred in the latest chapter of total irresponsibility behind the wheel on our roads. Unfortunately it’s not the first of the year.

This reckless 39-year-old transport professional, a Belarusian national, was arrested last Sunday for the Mossos d’Esquadra after receiving the alert of several drivers warning of their erratic driving on expressways.

Could face two crimes against road safety: one for driving under the influence of alcohol (since the rate exceeds that stipulated in this case) and another for reckless driving. To which are added fines worth more than 1.000 euros.

The limit is 0.15 mg / l and gave 1.09

On the afternoon of October 17, several drivers came across a truck Lithuanian license plate doing eses in the middle of AP-7 and in the north direction, so they notified the regional police.

Later new notices warned of this same vehicle circulating along the N-340 southbound. It was on this road that one of the road users recorded it on video, where we see him zigzagging and miraculously saving a turnaround.

Thanks to this graphic document, and the rest of the notices, the Mossos d’Esquadra ended up identifying him and they stopped him at the height of l’Ampolla (Baix Ebre). Although it was not easy: according to the testimony of the agents, collected by the local publication Diarimes, they warned him to stop, with the beacons and sirens activated, and the truck driver ignored it for several kilometers.

When they finally got him to stop, he got out of the vehicle and the police officers immediately noticed obvious signs that he was under the influence of alcohol. They performed the test and yielded a rate of 1.09 mg / l of expired air. That is, more than seven times higher than allowed.

Fine of up to 1,500 euros and two crimes against Road Safety

Total irresponsible!  This video portrays how a truck driver was driving that exceeded seven times the level of alcohol

And it is that in the case of professional drivers, the maximum allowed rate is 0.15 mg / l of exhaled air, being more demanding than for other conductors (0.25 mg / l).

Driving under the influence of alcohol it is always considered very serious offense, although in the case of this offense it carries a specific fine that is set at 1.000 euros. In addition, due to the result (higher than 0.30 mg / l in the case of professionals) it also entails the subtraction of 6 points driving license.

However, it could also have incurred two crimes against trafficking. On The criminal code, in the case of testing positive for alcohol, it is considered as such when the rate shown in the test is superior a 0,60 mg/l.

And it is punished with jail terms of three to six months or a fine of six to 12 months or work for the benefit of the community from 31 to 90 days, in addition to the withdrawal of the driving license for between one and four years.

But another is also added by reckless driving, since in the same regulation this is considered when conducting “with manifest recklessness and putting the life or integrity of persons in concrete danger” as was the case.

Total irresponsible!  This video portrays how a truck driver was driving that exceeded seven times the level of alcohol

This crime of Road Safety includes penalties of imprisonment for between six months and two years and the withdrawal of the permit between one and six years. In addition, reckless driving also implies a very serious offense, and carries a fine of 500 euros in addition to the abduction of others six points.

This Monday, this irresponsible transport professional went to the disposition of the Tortosa guard investigation court and for the moment he has been released with charges.

So far this year, other professional drivers have starred in chapters to forget: like this bus driver who was making video calls on your mobile while on duty or this other driver of a highway train that was caught watching porn on mobile in addition to testing positive for alcohol and drugs.

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