Twitter acquires group messaging application

Twitter has just acquired the Sphere group chat application, thereby seeking to improve the benefits it offers from its platform, in this case enhancing the communication capabilities of the communities.

At the moment the details of the agreement have not been revealed, although the acquisition will imply the closure of the independent application over the next month, the number of users they have been having to date is unknown.

From Sphere they have indicated in their announcement that the acquisition by Twitter It will accelerate its mission of “bringing people together” through the community, noting that the mission from its beginning has been, as in other companies, very different from what they have finally come to have.

His approach tries to correct the problems that arise in the communications that arise in a community. In this regard, they indicate that:

All groups have the potential to become authentic communities. But most groups suffer from problems in online communication that prevent community building: things like awkward silences, off-topic conversations, and vitriol. However, we learned in the last two years that a group can transform into a community if its members feel that their participation is welcome.

Therefore, its operating dynamics is explained in this way:

Our feed automatically deletes old or irrelevant chats to prevent groups from feeling chaotic. Our chats deliver essential messages (such as polls, events, and announcements) and make people more likely to respond. Our personalized appreciations encourage people to express genuine gratitude. By welcoming participation, we learned that groups can become more productive, vibrant, determined, and close.

The Sphere team of 20 people will start working for Communities, Direct Messages and Creators on Twitter.

It is hoped that sooner or later we will see the fruits of this new acquisition, and therefore, enhance the Community facets within Twitter, although also with improvements for Direct Messages, one of the historical functions forgotten until relatively recently.

More information: Sphere

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