with a production below minimum they want to lower salaries “to attract new projects”

The management of the Ford Almussafes plant has asked its workers a salary adjustment “to attract new projects and manufacture new models”During a meeting of the dialogue table with the works council to address the future of the Valencian plant.

These conversations are the prelude to the negotiation of the new labor agreement from the Spanish factory, since the one they currently have expires soon. In addition, they arrive in a context in which to weather the semiconductor crisis, Ford is redesigning its strategy in Europe and is committed to making fewer models and focus on hybrids and electric.

A bleak immediate future


In this second meeting between the company and Almussafes workers (which according to union sources from now on will be repeated every Monday until December), Ford has insisted on the “critical situation” that the entire automotive sector is going through and has proposed approach salary adjustments to the workforce -that already has suffered several ERTEs this year– with the aim of “increasing productivity”.

On the other hand, and although Ford has just announced an injection of 273 million euros in the United Kingdom To start manufacturing its own components at the Halewood factory in 2024, it is reducing its activity in Europe and has not yet communicated its plans for either the Valencian Almussafes plant or the German Saarlouis plant. In both factories, the concern about being left out of the Detroit giant’s future plans is increasing at times.

And it is that Almussafes, despite being the second largest production center from the continent, since last year it received an injection of 42 million euros for the start of the transformation of your activity, for the moment It has not been awarded any 100% electric model.

The management of the company communicated to the unions that “for new projects to come they have to be more competitive”, as collected by El Español. For this, the firm contemplates formulas such as a salary freeze, an increase in the working day or the creation of a bag of hours that gives the factory greater flexibility in the production of vehicles, engines and mechanized.

Currently the Valencian plant is in a very complicated moment, because the lack of components, which mostly come from china, it will sink its production below 165,000 vehicles in the current financial year 2021. Until the end of September, it had produced around 132,000, the date on which the management transferred its intention to stop the activity for 33 days.

The work schedule for the remainder of the year has already been reduced to 22 working days, in which Ford Almussafes, if it resumes the production rhythm prior to this new ERTE, will assemble only 30,800 more cars (1,400 every day). They would add up to 162,800 units in total, which are less than half of 2019 And they are even fewer than in 2020, when the pandemic forced the factory to stop for weeks and around 230,000 were manufactured.

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