Facebook Messenger brings shared Augmented Reality to video calls

Facebook Messenger now takes an important step by allowing users to start sharing Augmented Reality experiences with other participants in the same conversation.

Until now, Augmented Reality experiences were only enjoyed on an individual level. The arrival now of “Group Effects” and its library initially made up of more than 70 effects give you a new way to enjoy video conversations.

Group Effects begin their journey both in video calls and in Messenger rooms, although Facebook promises that soon they will also reach the Instagram application, where we assume that the same effects of Augmented reality available.

But Facebook will try to offer more through this feature. Thus They also announced that they will expand access to the new Spark AR Multipeer API to more developers and creators of group effects.

They point out that:

With Spark Multipeer API, all creators and developers can create dynamic interactive effects in real time for larger audiences and transform the way people experience video calls.

Group Effects offer a variety of possibilities …

ranging from a game where you compete to build the best hamburger to an effect with a cute orange cat that enters everyone’s screens.

To start a Group Effect it is enough to be in a video call or in a room in Messenger, touch the smiley face and open the effects tray, where you have to choose Group Effects and choose the one you want to use with the rest of the participants.

We do not know if the company plans to take Group Effects to other applications or its own platforms, although it will still be an incentive to compete with other messaging and video calling platforms, and even familiarize users with future experiences.

For Facebook:

With Group Effects, our goal is to make those interactions even more exciting and memorable.

They do not mention if it will be necessary to have the latest version of the Messenger app installed, although it is always a good idea to have the latest version available beyond the new features that it may incorporate.

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