Google will help you to know a new word every day

The saying “you will never go to bed without knowing something new” makes more sense with the new feature that Google has just launched for those who are curious to inquire about new words and their meanings.

The company has launched a new service by which, on a daily basis, it will offer notifications so that users can learn about new words and some interesting information about them through their mobile devices.

Users who wish to have this function will only have to search for the definition of any word, yes, in English, through the google mobile app, and press the icon in the upper right to be fully subscribed to the service.

Google points out that the feature is available only in English, although in any case, it will be especially useful for both those who are learning English and those who speak English natively.

It also promises that it will soon allow users to choose different levels of difficulty.

With this, native speakers will be able to expand their vocabulary with words that may be unfamiliar to them, while also allowing to know new words for those who are learning English, competing in a way with the platforms of learning language online.

At the moment he has not made mention of the possible extension of this function to other languages, although this is something that should not be ruled out, since almost always, its functions and services tend to expand over time to other languages.

The funny thing about this feature is that it has been inspired by the trend of users searching for word definitions through the main search engine, which makes a new feature a necessity.

The strange thing at this point is that the Assistant himself has not been involved, taking into account, at least in the case of Alexa, that definitions, curious facts, and more are often used as part of their simple conversations with users.

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