Israeli diver finds stunning Crusader object

During a simple dive, an Israeli got his hands on a perfectly preserved sword dating from the period of the Crusades.

During a small dive session, you can expect to find a lot of things; flora and fauna, of course, but also a whole bunch of objects lost or abandoned by humans. But Shlomi Katzin certainly did not expect to find a priceless historical treasure there!

According to the BBC, this Israeli diver had simply gone in search of stones. He was very lucky, however, when a current moved the sand, revealing several artifacts. Among them, there was one particularly remarkable: a sword with a blade of one meter long with a handle of about 30cm, having belonged to one of the crusaders who came to fight in the Holy Land, 900 years ago. of that.

Conscious of having got his hands on a rare object, the diver preferred not to leave it exposed to the sight of possible looters. He therefore brought her back to the shore, then to the premises of the Theft Prevention Unit, according to the Times of Israel. It was then transferred to the Department of National Treasures, through the Israel Antiquities Authority (AIA).

A superb piece perfectly preserved

As it is, the object does not look like much. After centuries spent underwater, the weapon is completely covered with marine organisms, stones and limestone deposits. At first glance, one might therefore expect the object to be in a catastrophic state. But it is in fact quite the opposite. Instead of attacking the metal, these deposits acted as a mineral sheath. The sword has therefore been kept in perfect condition.

The first observation made by the diver and the experts concerns its very important weight. It is directly linked to the material used, namely… cast iron! The guy who wielded this weapon was therefore probably a force of nature. “The man who carried this gun and fought with it was very strong”Kobi Sharvit, head of AIA’s marine archeology division, told The Times of Israel. “He really had to be in good physical condition. He was definitely stronger than us in our time. ”

Now all that remains is to remove it from its carapace and then clean it. It will then be analyzed in all its guises in the AIA laboratory, which will try to unravel its secrets. Once the experts have been able to accurately identify its origin, the sword will be exposed to the public. Definitely a nice addition to the cultural heritage of this country, whose history is closely linked to that of the Crusades.

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