Paypal wants to buy Pinterest to transform it into the definitive e-commerce

The giant Paypal has already begun to approach Pinterest to negotiate a possible purchase, a negotiation described in Bloomberg, where an anonymous source has commented that PayPal could pay about $ 70 per share, thus reaching about $ 39 billion.

At the moment neither Paypal nor Pinterest have commented on anything, neither denied nor affirmed, but what has moved is the value of Pinterest shares, which rose around 12% after the news was distributed through the networks.

Pinterest shares are now above $ 62, higher than yesterday but less than the $ 89 high it hit a few months ago.

Paypal has a market capitalization that reaches 308 billion, so spending 40 thousand is not something ridiculous, it is a high percentage of its own value. This indicates that it would not be a purchase to try your luck with a new project but rather a very calculated move, with a lot of sense if we take into account that Pinterest increasingly has e-commerce blood and Paypal is one of the most popular payment platforms. used all over the world.

As I mentioned a month ago, Paypal bought a Japanese payment platform for 2.7 billion to improve its business in Japan, and apparently the expansion phase will not stop there.

On Pinterest, let’s remember that in April 2020 they presented a new way to buy on their platform, as well as improving the visual search so that people can make purchases related to products of interest. This same month of October, Pinterest already said that it was implementing new functions to make it easy to advertise and promote brands, so everything indicates that it will become a huge online store in a very short time.

Pinterest will be a good place to buy and sell things we make at home, and if the Paypal purchase goes through, it will be able to reach more people around the world.

More information and bloomberg.

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