The iPhone SE 3 may be the last LCD Apple mobile

There have been a lot of rumors about the next SE, there seem to be two options for its design, but it is almost certain that it will not get the AMOLED display yet.


You could write about an iPhone SE rumor almost every day, but now another dose has been gathered that is worth communicating and discussing, which we will take over now. The current, therefore IPhone SE, which has existed since 2020 unexpected market performance, but will nevertheless not be succeeded for four years, as first and the second generation.

According to some sources, the old design of the current SE will go on to the upcoming successor …[+]

In the case of entry-level Apple products, the cheap new one is often built on the foundations of a model that was previously positioned higher, and it probably won’t be any different with the iPhone SE 3, it used to be that the current SE updated with a 5G chip, with its old, big coffee, front home button and Touch ID look, but now the news is that the iPhone XR and 11 Face ID, large battery and large display can be the main innovations of the model. Some bold sources even mention a side fingerprint reader for the iPad model, but we’re skeptical about it. Whichever design is realized, the LCD display is on the front panel, but it’s very likely that this will be the last iPhone that doesn’t get AMOLED.

… others say the series will move to the line launched by the iPhone XR and 11.[+]

Meanwhile, it’s become virtually certain that a 5G chip will get into the mobile, chances are it could be the 5-nanometer Apple A15 Bionic, so it’s the same as the fresh iPhone 13 family also came in, and of course it’s very likely a more modest version of it, with a quad-core graphics unit and 4GB of RAM on board. With a minimal price increase and a basic internal storage that rises to 128 GB, we can imagine a label of about 200 thousand forints next to them.

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