this will be the sections of the registration tax from 2022

With the beginning of 2022 will come a price increase of the registration tax for new vehicles that was frozen last June.

But it is not a question of an increase in the tax as such, but as of January 1, the Community regulations for the measurement of consumption and emissions will be applied. based on the WLTP cycle, what are you looking for Greater precision when determining the actual CO₂ emissions from vehicles.

Consequently, when applying the new protocol, many new cars will skip the stage and will be more expensive. On the other hand, there will be fewer cars that will be exempted from paying it. How will the sections be then? We go over it.

How will the road tax be in 2022

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As stated by the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, the Government does not foresee any additional moratorium which was already approved at the end of June – and without retroactive effects – to apply the new emission regulations on which the calculations to determine the road tax are based (and which began to be applied in Europe on September 1 2018).

Therefore, from the same January 1, 2022 the tax will be calculated based on the data in the following table

WLTP broadcasts

Registration tax

Up to 120 g / km CO₂

0 %

Between 121 and 159 g / km of CO₂

4,75 %

Between 160 and 199 g / km of CO₂

9,75 %

Above 200 g / km CO₂

14,75 %

The main difference between the NEDC cycle and the current WLTP cycle is that the latter is based on real driving data and better reflects road consumption by subjecting the vehicles to more demanding test drives. Thus, according to Anfac, the increase in emissions measured by the standard is 20%.

It is estimated that the new emission measurement homologation regulations will increase the registration tax in almost 40% of new vehicles. In addition, we must remember that the registration tax is paid before the vehicle leaves the dealership, so the final price could get more expensive.

Despite the fact that in 2020 70% of the new vehicles that were registered in Spain were exempt from paying the tax for emitting less than 120 g / km of CO2, in the first four months of 2021 only 35.7% stopped paying it, according to data from the Tax Agency.

One of the key factors when buying a car is not so much its final price but the ability to access it economically and the cost of its maintenance.

The large number of taxes that drivers already have to pay, together with the increase in prices of new cars and the dire production figures, is a dangerous cocktail that will aggravate the context of crisis in the automobile sector motivated by the lack of microchips and which is expected to continue throughout the next year.

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