Toyota is the best-valued car brand but Tesla is the fastest growing, according to Interbrand’s annual report

The prestigious New York consulting firm Interbrad has just presented its now traditional annual ranking of the 100 most valuable brands in the world with data from this year. It is no surprise that technology companies lead the table, but yes in the top ten keep Toyota and Mercedes-Benz (in seventh and eighth place, respectively) after a disastrous year for the automotive sector globally.

Of the manufacturers, Toyota already reaches a value of $ 54.107 million, Mercedes-Benz 50,866 million and BMW reaches 41,631 completing the first three positions. However, the data that get the most attention are those of Tesla (in position number 14 of the general table and the fourth of the table of car brands).

Worth $ 36.27 billion, this year the signing of Elon Musk has broken all records and has been crowned as the brand with the highest growth in the ranking, with an unprecedented increase of 184% in brand equity and a 26-post climb in the table compared to the previous report.

The most valuable car brands in the world


Overall, the report data reveals that the fastest growing, most valuable and best performing sector remains the technology. The different ways in which consumers trust advances such as artificial intelligence or subscription-based services, among others, far from showing signs of weakness, they are increasingly reinforced.

Proof of this is that Apple, Amazon y Microsoft together they represent 62.3% of the total value of the top ten brands globally. And this trend is reflected in other sectors such as the automotive industry, which is in the process of transformation.

Until now, the automotive industry has traditionally been a heavy industry with very long reaction times, especially to consumer electronics. If you look in the mirror of mobile phones, the car brands they are like slow dinosaurs.

Currently, in addition to Apple’s electric car project (which for the moment is still in the air), they are already several technology companies those who set out to conquer the juicy piece of cake that the automotive industry offers them, even in a context of component crisis.

The last one to join the car was Xiaomi, which has already confirmed that it will be released to the production of its first electric car in 2024. And although it has not sneaked into the top of Interbrand’s rankings this time, its announcement had almost immediate economic consequences: its stock market price soared 5.4% in just hours.

Connected Car

For the analyzes that Interbrand has been conducting since 1988, part of three key factors: the financial success of the brand’s products or services, the role that each brand plays in the purchasing decisions of consumers and competitive strength of the brand and its ability to build loyalty, according to the entity itself.

After the global slowdown suffered by the economy in 2020, the total value of the classification has increased this year up to 2,667,524 million dollars, which represents 15% compared to 2020 and the highest growth rate in the last two decades for brands, as reflected in previous reports by the consultancy.

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