with this function, Google wants to put an end to racist biases

Google has just presented “Real Tone”, its new image improvement algorithm that respects all skin tones.

We expected Google to turn on the smartphone photography sector. With its Google Pixel 6 et Pixel 6 Pro, the Mountain View firm clearly did not disappoint us by presenting many rather useful functions.

On the menu, we find for example the Magic Eraser, allowing to erase intruders in the background of a shot, or the Motion mode to capture, as its name suggests, photos in motion or in pose. long. One of them, baptized « Real Tone », aims to make Google’s new smartphone as inclusive as possible.

“Real Tone”, for inclusive photos

This is a problem that many smartphone users around the world still face while capturing photos through their smartphones. Put one person with very light skin and another with very dark skin side by side, and your device may have a hard time achieving a suitable result for both people. The worst part is that it often forces the device to make a choice, thus maintaining certain racist biases that have been present for decades on our cameras, and which the AI ​​perpetuates in spite of itself.

With “Real Tone”, Google wants to put an end to this situation and promises to showcase all people and all skin types in an authentic way. This feature uses a new face detection algorithm that can accurately recognize skin tones no matter how complex the lighting is, and improved white balance that brings out the natural beauty of a skin tone.

“To create the new Pixel 6 camera, we partnered with a wide range of renowned image makers who are celebrated for their precise representations of communities of color.” Google explained in his blog post.

Additionally, “Real Tone” will not be limited to the latest Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. Google has indeed specified that this novelty “Will be rolled out in Google Photos on Android and iOS devices in the coming weeks. “ On the Pixel 6, it is an integral part of image enhancement algorithms, and cannot be turned off.

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