How to subscribe to a newsletter in one click with what’s new from Twitter

Twitter continues to promote that content creators for newsletters in Revue can convert followers into subscribers.

To recent arrival from the subscription button to creators’ profiles, and available on Android, iOS and the web, comes now the ability to subscribe to newsletters directly from tweetss.

In this sense, when someone shares a newsletter link on their timeline at Twitter, the tweet itself will automatically offer a button so that interested parties can subscribe to it with a click away.

Plus, If the link to a specific content of the newsletter is shared, when a user returns from the content visited to the chronological line, a pop-up window will appear offering them the possibility of subscribing to it.

For this to be possible in either case, Interested parties must have their email addresses confirmed on Twitter, avoiding the fact of having to make the confirmations in the inbox of their email addresses.

For now, this release is currently available to all newsletter content creators in Revue on both the web and mobile web, waiting for your next arrival to Android and iOS applications.

With that, Revue gains an important advantage over rival companies, which have to make users go through a somewhat more complex process so that the creators available in them can gain new subscribers.

There is no doubt about the boom that the email newsletter industry has experienced, to the point that Twitter acquired at the beginning of the year Revue as a way to complement its functions and empower content creators.

Revue tells content creators that:

This is all part of our mission to help you grow. We already made it possible for followers to subscribe to your newsletter directly from their Twitter profile. And now they can also do it from Tweets, some with a single click.

More information: Revue

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