new images unveiled by Bethesda in this trailer

Bethesda has revealed new information about the story of its upcoming Starfield game, thanks to an artwork video.

Scheduled for 2022, Starfield is one of the most anticipated Bethesda games, following the release of Deathloop on PS5 last September. However, it hasn’t disclosed much about it since its announcement. During the’E3 2021, a first trailer had been shared by Bethesda, and today the studio returns with a video explaining the history of the title.

Emil Pagliarulo, in charge of game design, takes the floor to explain the universe of Starfield, from the player’s point of view. First of all, we are in the year 2330, in a system not far from our own solar system (50 light years anyway). The inhabitants who live there are witnesses of a still fragile peace, following a conflict between two great forces which took place 20 years earlier.

Indeed, in 2310, the United Colonies and the Freestar Collective were waging a merciless war, the consequences of which are still being felt today. The player plays a space explorer part of the Constellation organization, whose goal is to discover the forgotten mysteries of the galaxy.

New stunning visuals

In the video, we can see many artworks, which testify to an important visual richness, both at the level of the characters, as at the level of the environments. The title therefore already promises to transport us to a very worked universe and eclectic atmospheres.

Almost a month ago, Bethesda introduced us to some of the his game environments, through three explanatory videos. The studio then took the opportunity to unveil the cities of Neon, New Atlantis and Akila, three environments as varied as they are magnificent.

Another year to wait

During E3, Starfield had thus found a release date, which is still scheduled for November 11, 2022. Suffice to say that Bethesda has seen very broad to give itself the time to refine the title. However, this could very well be changed along the way due to the global pandemic. Further information should be communicated in the future, Starfield still has a lot to show us, before the official release scheduled for the end of next year. Until then, we will have to take our trouble patiently.

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