Rare Apple VideoPad prototype, scrapped by Steve Jobs, was put up for auction

For those who follow the history of technology with a passion, especially if they are collectors, the appearance at auctions of rare devices (such as prototypes, for example) is inevitably attractive.

The Apple VideoPad, a 90s device that finally never saw the light of day, has been known over time for two of its three prototypes, which at some point were presented to the public. The missing copy, long considered lost, is now up for auction.

Apple’s “lost VideoPad” is up for auction

Between 1993 and 1995, under the presidency of John Sculley, Apple worked on a PDA device called VideoPad, a successor to its classic Newton Message Pad.

Due to its functions, VideoPad could be homologated as a kind of tablet of the time. Many details are not known about this invention, but judging by its name and the presence of a camera, apparently it contemplated the ability to support video conferencing or at least some advanced multimedia functions for a portable device at the time.

The rarity of this device is that VideoPad versions 1 and 3 were previously known copies of this project and version 2 of the prototype, the one currently up for auction, was considered long-lost and is believed to be the the only one that continues to exist. In particular, this item was purchased in 1999 in Palo Alto from an engineer working at Apple.

VideoPad is considered by specialized critics as a project ahead of its years. The decision to cancel it fell to Steve Jobs in 1997, shortly after his return to the company, claiming that the technology used was not yet at an optimal level to guarantee a satisfactory user experience. Judging by the steps subsequently followed by the company, there was a long way to go to complete in order to achieve a device that conformed to Jobs’ ideas, until the new portable devices he presented at the beginning of this millennium arrived.

The VideoPad 2, along with other Apple prototypes, are in the international auction house Bonhams, along with other prototypes of the company with the bitten apple, such as the iPad, the Macintosh, the Apple eMate 300 and even a handwritten letter from Steve Jobs.

According to what is stated in the auction portalThis rare item is estimated to sell for figures ranging from $ 8,000 to $ 12,000 starting in November.

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