Spotify will allow all creators to add video podcasts

The Spotify team announced that it is opening up the possibility for all creators to publish video podcasts on the platform.

A feature that was only available to select creators, and is now open to all users who bet on podcasts.

Any creator will be able to publish their video podcasts on Spotify

Spotify will make available to creators a new tool that will allow them to publish video podcasts. That is, they will be able to enhance their episodes with videos. So your audience can not only listen to them, but also meet the creators and share the moment of podcast recording.

We’ve incorporated video podcasts alongside our audio offering so fans can get to know their favorite podcast hosts even better and creators can connect with their audiences in a much deeper way.

While Spotify is already testing this dynamic with a select group of creators, it now opens the possibility to more users. And to do this, it will provide access to the Anchor tool for creators, which will make it easier for them to upload video content and share it as part of their podcast episodes.

This will not only benefit creators but also allow users to have a more complete catalog of video podcasts. One detail to keep in mind is that although Spotify offers the option of podcasts with video, there will always be the option of listening to only the podcast audios.

So when you come across a video podcast, you will have the option of following the episode by watching the protagonists, or leaving the app in the background to listen to only the audio. And of course, there is the possibility of watching the video of the episode in full screen, as you see in the image above.

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