90% of Spaniards consider that electric cars are the future of transport, according to this study

A recent report by Appinio, which is dedicated to market research, reveals that in Spain electric cars are considered the future of mobility, although it is still not common.

The lack of information and price are the main drawbacks when opting for a vehicle with this engine, and the option of a hybrid is preferred by users.

Up to 69%, in favor of the electric car ban in 2030

Spaniards in favor of the electric car

90% of the Spanish population considers that electric cars are the future of transport and 69% are in favor of a ban on registering more vehicles with combustion engines from 2030.

In fact, according to the results, 8 out of 10 electric car owners say their next vehicle is likely to be an electric one too.

Rechargeable vehicle owners are almost certain to acquire another electric car, the study reveals that for 93% of them it is likely. In contrast, in the case of owners of cars with a combustion engine, that probability drops to 72%.

Having a rechargeable car is still not common and it is that, to three out of every five Spaniards in the sample still drive a car with a combustion engine.

Only 12% own a plug-in car; 5% own a fully electric vehicle and 7% a plug-in hybrid.

One of the main problems they face, according to the report, is misinformation. Until 60% of respondents want information from manufacturers of automobiles, followed by the government (24%).

The main information required is about charging options, batteries / autonomy and energy costs.

The savings on gasoline and diesel It has been one of the main incentives when making a purchase of a plug-in car, since not out of every two owners of a plug-in, made that investment as a result of the price of gasoline.

Spain in favor of the electric car

Instead, sustainability reasons They occupy the second place and, the third, is the interest in new technologies.

The 97% of electric car owners they are very satisfied with your purchase and only a third of non-owners have driven or traveled in an electric car.

Most rated the experience of traveling by electric car as very positive. Those aged 35-44 are among the respondents who have most enjoyed traveling by electric car.

Finally, the majority of Spaniards believe that government financial aid could accelerate the adoption of the electric car

In Motorpasión | Europe slaps Spain on the wrist for not promoting the electric car and there could be sanctions

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