ExpressVPN is already breaking prices with this unique VPN offer

ExpressVPN is hands down the best VPN around today. Take this opportunity to acquire it at a low price.

Whatever use you make of the Internet, it’s a safe bet that you use it every day. But if this has a very practical aspect, we must not lose sight of the fact that the Internet generates a number of risks. Your personal data and browsing activities are exposed, and can therefore be hacked.

Fortunately, there are simple tools available to prevent this from happening: VPNs. These software protect your personal information and preserve your online privacy. But VPNs also offer other features, such as bypassing geo-blocks for 100% free access to web content.

And in all of these areas, the world’s number 1 software is hands down ExpressVPN. At the moment, an offer allows you to take advantage of its services for only 5.92 € per month. This is the opportunity to equip yourself.

Discover the ExpressVPN offer

Quick overview of ExpressVPN software

Founded in 2009, ExpressVPN has many years of cybersecurity expertise and a high profile. It is an application available on PC, mobile, tablet and Smart TV that helps ensure the online security of Internet users.

First of all, this VPN completely camouflages your IP address for maximum privacy. At the same time, ExpressVPN encrypts your browsing data using a powerful algorithm. As a result, your traffic will be completely masked and no one will be able to spy on your online activity, not even your ISP or employer.

But for your safety and your anonymity on the net, ExpressVPN goes further. This VPN actually includes an option called Kill Switch which will suspend your connection in the event of disconnection from the VPN in order to protect you in all circumstances. Security isn’t ExpressVPN’s only area of ​​expertise, however.

This provider effectively has a large network of servers, which serve more than 160 locations around the world. By connecting to these servers, you will be able to bypass Internet blocks and access geo-restricted or censored sites. For example, you can surf several foreign Netflix catalogs from home or visit your French services from abroad (TV channels, banking platform, online sales site, etc.).

Also, note that ExpressVPN is a Very fast VPN with unlimited bandwidth. Enough to ensure you an optimal browsing experience.

Half-price annual plan with 3 months free

As we said in the introduction, ExpressVPN is currently showing an exceptional offer. Indeed, it is rare that this excellent VPN lowers its price, and yet, it offers you for a limited time to take advantage of its services at a discounted price.

Its 12-month subscription benefits from an immediate -49% discount. And for any subscription to this plan, ExpressVPN offers 3 more months free to users. You will be able to benefit from VPN services during 15 months instead of 12, for only € 5.76 per month compared to € 10.67.

And if that’s not enough to convince you, know that a single account at ExpressVPN actually allows 5 connections at the same time on different devices. Thus, your purchase will quickly pay for itself as soon as you use it on several of your equipment – or those of your loved ones.

Finally, it’s good to note that ExpressVPN offers a money-back guarantee to all of its new customers. The latter extends over a period of 30 days and allows you to test the software serenely.

All you need is a simple request to customer service – available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – to be fully refunded if you wish to interrupt your subscription during this period. So, take advantage of this discount before it’s too late.

Enter the ExpressVPN offer

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