How to convert real objects into 3D models from the web

Although we have already commented on some of the existing solutions to obtain a 3D version of specific objects or places, now we find ourselves with Beholder, an interesting web-based service that allows us to create 3D object files of the real objects that interest us based on high-quality photographs taken in a circle.

The photographs can be taken directly with mobiles that have high-quality cameras, or through DSLR cameras or from other devices with cameras, such as a drone to capture those objects that, due to their volume, could be necessary.

They specify in their FAQ section that:

Yes. Modern phone cameras, produced by companies like Apple, Samsung and Google, are of very high quality, so they can be used with care to build 3D models. However, if you have a DSLR with a tripod, you are likely to get even better results.

Beholder becomes an alternative solution to hiring 3D designers, the use of specific mobile applications or the use of expensive equipment for this. All we have to do is have the desktop web browser handy, upload 20 or more high-quality photos taken in a circle, align the uploaded images, and begin the process of recreating the object.

Once the process is finished, we will obtain the 3D object file in STL, OBJ or GLB format, which we can use either for printing or for use in game or movie productions.

According to the platform itself:

If you have photos of an object you want 3D print, or include in a game or movie, but you don’t have the budget to hire a 3D artist, Beholder can build the model for you. You will need 20 or more high-quality photos, taken in a circle around the object of interest.

At this point it must be indicated that it is a platform freemium, having a first rate plan completely free and accompanied by three payment plans with additional features or greater possibilities.

In any case, the interesting thing is that it dares with any object of any size, being necessary to have high-quality photos of it. Those interested have more information in the official Web.

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