Looking for power for the electric car: How good are the charging station search apps?

Public Ladesäulen For electric cars, unlike conventional filling stations, they are not visible from afar; the type of current or plug is also important. So how quickly can you find the right column? The magazine “Computer Bild” (issue 23/2021) has now tested 20 apps that are supposed to help with the search.

A good third of the apps come from car manufacturers, the others from independent providers. The conclusion of the testers: Overall, e-car drivers in Germany are already well positioned with the apps tested.

There was once the grade “very good” for the independent app Einfach Strom Laden from Maingau Energie, which is the only app in the test field that also offers directions. In addition, twelve apps received an overall rating of “good” and seven with “satisfactory”.

When it comes to functionality, Mercedes me is top

Important for users: the more filters an app offers, the better. Drivers can use it to search specifically for charging power or connections and plugs, for example. According to “Computer Bild”, the EnBW mobility + and JuicePass apps are ahead.

In terms of functionality, the Mercedes me app came out on top. This evaluation was about convenience and control – for example, whether the app helps forecast charging costs, is available for smart displays and navigation devices, or whether it gives push notifications on the charging status.

Is the station you want currently free? According to the “Computer Bild” judgment, the apps Mercedes me, Porsche Charging Service and, with some distance, the test winner, Einfach Strom Laden, provide the best information. According to the tester’s verdict, almost all apps could still be improved in terms of user feedback. (dpa / gem)

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