Toyota’s new electric SUV drives for free on solar power

With energy prices on the rise, everything is good to save, including on the road! With the bZ4X, Toyota will perhaps show the way to other manufacturers: the roof of the electric vehicle can indeed recharge the battery with solar energy.

Ride for free is the promise of Toyota which has unveiled the details of its bZ4X, an electric SUV which is expected to launch in international markets in the middle of next year. One of the peculiarities of the vehicle is the roof which will be integrated in certain models: it is in fact a solar panel which can generate up to 1,800 free kilometers per year!

Thank you sun

The idea is good, especially in a context of soaring energy prices. After all, the sun costs nothing, so you might as well use it… The bZ4X will be available in two models, with front and all-wheel drive. The first offers a power of 150 kW (0 to 100 km / h in 8.4 seconds), with a WLTC range of around 500 kilometers.

The all-wheel drive version has two 80 kW motors, with an acceleration from 0 to 100 in 7.7 seconds. Toyota estimates the range at 460 kilometers. In both cases, the battery is integrated into the chassis, a trick that allows the manufacturer to lower the vehicle’s center of gravity and improve the rigidity of the chassis.

Please note, these are specifications for the models that will be released in Japan. The versions that will be released in Europe and the United States might have different specifications. Toyota also did not specify the prices. The manufacturer is far from having finished with the “Beyond Zero” range, since no less than 7 cars will be part of it. They will all be available in 2025.

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