30 free tech courses to start in November

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If you want to spend a few hours a week learning a new skill or improving your digital skills, you can take into account this new selection of free courses.

They are courses of 4 to 8 weeks that cover different topics. The educational program is made up of video lessons, supplementary material and forums to interact with the rest of the students.

Technology courses in Spanish

How to take the courses for free

You will surely know that the educational platforms teach the courses under different modalities. So if you want to opt for the free version you will have to select the options that allow you to “Take this course as an assistant” or “Audit the course”.

In this way, you will be able to follow all the video lessons and view any complementary material for free. You can also participate in the forums to ask your questions or interact with the rest of your colleagues. However, the free version does not give you the possibility to opt for a certificate.

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