Automatic accident detection, the new thing for the iPhone in 2022

All modern mobiles have an accelerometer, and most, depending on the configuration, automatically identify when we are driving, since it is easy to know how fast the smartphone is traveling.

If we take that into account, technically it is not difficult to come to the conclusion that if a mobile is traveling at 120 km / h and suddenly undergoes a sudden acceleration and stops suddenly, it is because there has been an accident.

It is not a hardware innovation, it is a resource that can be implemented in the operating system to identify accidents, and apparently in Apple they will do so within 1 years.

This is indicated in a published report por The Wall Street Journal, a function called “Accident Detection”, available for iPhone and Apple Watch, which would detect when users have an accident, calling the emergency phone automatically.

There are no details on what exactly the mobile would do in the indicated situation. If it is said that it would call, but not what it would say, so it will be important to know if the emergency services will be notified that from next year we will have mobile phones calling them automatically.

In order to launch the function, Apple has been collecting information from some users of their devices, anonymously, so that false positives do not jump during the process. In this way, hundreds of thousands of impacts on vehicles have been detected, and it has been verified that in many of them there was a subsequent 911 call. In this way, it is possible to train a system to properly calculate the type of impact that ends up in a call, and speed up the process by calling before the user.

Google has already presented something similar in its Pixel 3 and Pixel 4 using the personal security app, but it is not something present in mobiles from other brands.

What is clear is that Apple continues to work on making its operating system the best possible, much more than the hardware or the cameras, which are still not the best in the mobile market as they were a few years ago.

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