Chip crisis hits Ford: Production stop for Fiesta and Focus

The supply crisis in electronic components continues to make the car manufacturer Ford difficult to cope with. In its Cologne plant, Ford has extended the production stop for the Fiesta model until November 19 due to the semiconductor supply bottlenecks, as Ford announced on Tuesday on request. A spokesman reported that production should pause again on November 24th and 25th.

The stop has been going on since September. It has been extended several times. The majority of the approximately 5,000 employees involved in Fiesta production are affected by short-time working. A total of around 15,000 employees work for Ford in the cathedral city.

The production of the Ford Focus in Saarlouis will initially be suspended for a week until November 5th, it said. Production had previously been suspended due to a two-week factory vacation. Ford has around 5000 employees in Saarlouis. Most of them work in Focus manufacturing. (dpa / mer)

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