Corona rules in companies: Daimler is planning canteen areas for vaccinated and convalescent people

In the fight against Corona, the car manufacturer Daimler is checking separate canteen areas for vaccinated and recovered employees. “We are planning a similar seat model and are currently examining to what extent we can implement this in the canteens at our locations,” said a spokeswoman when asked about reports on corresponding models in other companies. “We are continuing to do everything we can to contain the spread of the corona virus.”

The “Rheinische Post” had previously reported, citing a survey, that some companies in North Rhine-Westphalia, who have been vaccinated and have recovered from Corona, offer their own canteen areas or cafeterias. In these special areas, employees are likely to sit together without protective specifications, while those who cannot be vaccinated or who do not provide any information about them would have to continue to live with distance rules, masks or partitions. The Bayer Group is therefore talking about several pilot projects.

Bosch doesn’t want to part

While Daimler is testing a similar model, it doesn’t matter for other companies in the southwest. There are currently no considerations for separate canteen areas, said a spokesman for the technology group Bosch. “We have comprehensive protective measures for all employees at all locations.” Because many employees continue to work from home, the rush is limited. Since June, employees have also been able to take canteen meals “to go” with them. At the car manufacturer Porsche, according to a spokeswoman, “in the canteens as of today, no distinction is made between unvaccinated and vaccinated or recovered employees”.

The employers’ association Südwestmetall sees possible advantages for companies through separate canteen areas if the distance rule is partially omitted, said a spokesman. However, one sees “no absolutely secure data protection law basis”, since employers are not allowed to query the vaccination status of employees. (dpa-AFX / gem)

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