Facebook verifies fake Elon Musk page, it was from a Bitcoin scammer

Apparently it is possible to create a new user on Facebook, name him Elon Musk and update his avatar, so that Facebook can verify the page and open the doors to thousands of deceptions and various scams.

It is not something that happens every day, but something like that has happened recently. Facebook made a big mistake and verified an Elon Musk fan page as if it were their official page, so many people thought it was Elon Musk himself who was behind the profile.

After the incident was reported in the media, the page was no longer available, but the damage had already been done, because it was a bitcoin scammer. The funny thing is that the page had only 10 posts dating back to October 21 of this year, so it is difficult to understand how someone has verified the page without real proof that it was Elon Musk.

It is true that the page had 153,000 followers, but that is relatively easy to achieve by buying fake followers. It is a useless and negative marketing strategy, but it can be effective in misleading people into thinking that there is a popular profile behind it. On the other hand, Musk has 62 million followers on Twitter, so 153,000 are not that many.

For more INRI, in the ‘About’ of the page it was indicated that it was a fan page, but even so, Facebook verified it.

The page was managed from Egypt, and with the url, without uploading any official document, it published a fake Bitcoin giveaway, a post that was deleted shortly after.

What is clear is that we can no longer trust the verifications on social networks, which is why Twitter is constantly activating and deactivating it.

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