Facebook wants to combat misinformation about the Covid-19 vaccine for children


Meta announced a series of measures that it will apply on Facebook to eradicate false information about the Covid-19 vaccine and its use in children.

A strategy that will be complemented with other campaigns in which Facebook participates together with other organizations to inform parents about the vaccine.

New Facebook policies on Covid-19 vaccine and its use in children

After mentioning the FDA clearance of the Covid-19 vaccine for children, Meta announced that it will implement new policies to promote only trustworthy content on this topic and to remove misinformation.

Measures that will begin to be implemented in the United States, in both English and Spanish. The dynamics will be the same as that implemented with the Covid-19 vaccine when the pandemic began. As mentioned by the team of FacebookDuring the next few weeks, information about the Covid-19 vaccine in children between 5 and 11 years old will be shown in the feed.

So you will see a small post, as you see in the image, mentioning that children who correspond to that age group can be vaccinated, along with the link to find a nearby vaccination place. And expert comments will also be included answering some of the questions that arise on this topic.

And on the other hand, the Facebook team mentions that it will apply new policies to eradicate false information, taking into account statements such as:

Claims COVID-19 Vaccines Don’t Exist for Children
Claims COVID-19 Vaccine for Children is Unproven
Claims that something other than the COVID-19 vaccine can vaccinate children against COVID-19
Claims COVID-19 Vaccines Are Unsafe for Children
Claims COVID-19 Vaccines Kill or Seriously Harm Children
Claims COVID-19 Vaccines Are Not Effective In Preventing COVID-19 In Children

They ensure that they will be attentive to what the public health authorities advise to continue updating the dynamics on the platform.

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