IPhone and Apple Watch will be able to call for help in the event of an accident

Like Google, Apple will soon deploy a function that will allow its devices to automatically contact emergency services in the event of an accident.

From next year, some Apple-branded devices could benefit from a novelty capable of saving lives; the Apple brand would thus have planned to deploy a feature capable of detecting a road accident using its iPhone or Apple Watch. A functionality that closely resembles that which devices already have Pixels de Google.

According to the Wall Street Journal who spotted the information, this technology would be based on the motion sensors integrated into this device. An operation reminiscent of the detection of falls which already exists on the brand’s watch; indeed, if the wearable detects a big impact, it will immediately send a notification to the user. If the latter does not respond, a message will go directly to the emergency services. We can therefore imagine that this accident detection works in a relatively similar way.

Experiments already underway

Still according to the Wall Street Journal, the brand is even already experimenting in this field. Apparently, information like this has been collected anonymously on iPhone and Apple Watch for a year now. La Pomme did not disclose what type of data this involved; on the other hand, it would have already made it possible to detect β€œmore than 10 million suspicious vehicle impacts”.

It also seems that the brand would work in partnership with the American emergency services – the famous 911 – to refine its algorithm. The WSJ explains that β€œApple Used Data Associated With 911 Calls To Improve The Accuracy Of Its Crash Detection Algorithm”.

Ultimately, this is indeed a feature that could save people. This is all the more true when the pilot is alone on board or when all the occupants are unconscious. In this case, it may take a long time before such an accident is detected. This delay can unfortunately weigh heavily in the vital prognosis; It is therefore no coincidence that many car manufacturers are also starting to look into the issue.

This feature should be deployed in the Apple ecosystem in the course of 2022. The exact date has not been revealed, however, nor the exhaustive list of features of this new system. We will therefore have to wait for the release to find out more, and in particular whether the system will work or not in France.

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