Objections to the Tesla plant in Grnheide: repetition of the online discussion starts

The repetition of the online discussion for the construction of the factory of the US electric car manufacturer Tesla in Grnheide near Berlin starts this Tuesday. It should last until November 22nd. A first online consultation ended on October 14th. After over 800 objections had been raised, environmental groups had accused the country of having been made public too late. The State Environment Agency then decided to repeat the procedure for safety reasons.

However, the Ministry of the Environment spoke of a legal conception that deviated from the previous interpretation. The information received from objectors so far in the first consultation will be examined, it said.

Uncertain schedule for start of production

As a result, the schedule for the plant’s start of production has become more uncertain. Tesla boss Elon Musk is aiming for the first vehicles to roll off the production line in Grnheide by December at the latest. The final approval of the country is still pending, the new online discussion has to be evaluated first. However, the automaker is sticking to its schedule.

The environmental groups had rated the repetition as positive, but were dissatisfied, among other things, because no new public interpretation of Tesla’s application was planned for the factory. (dpa-AFX / gem)

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From the data center:

Survey on the start of production in Grnheide

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