Philips Hue 4.8: Adjust the speed of the dynamic scenes

A few weeks ago I praised the Philips Hue software development team: New functions are currently being delivered almost every two weeks. Version 4.8 is about to be released. With this update, Philips Hue will introduce a feature many of us have been waiting for.

The dynamic scenes introduced a few weeks ago will be a little better with the upcoming update, if then you will be able to freely adjust the speed of the animation.

To do this, you will simply have to tap on the edit icon next to an active scene. In a new menu you will be able to adjust the speed of a dynamic scene on a scale from 1 to 12.

I’m excited to see how this feature will perform in everyday life. After all, there was always a bit of confusion, as the dynamic scenes have only run very slowly so far and you almost had the feeling that nothing would happen. You can see this in the following video, for example.

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