Philips Hue is working on an Apple Watch app

Philips Hue on the Apple Watch, that wasn’t a problem until a few months ago. With the start of Philips Hue 4.0, however, not only did the popular widgets disappear, the Apple Watch was also deleted – and even without replacement.

However, Philips Hue has apparently not yet completely finished with the Apple Watch. As can be seen from a job advertisement for an internship, the topic is apparently still being dealt with.

“You are researching and developing a prototype that forms the basis for the Philips Hue Apple Watch app and the best way to operate the Hue system via an Apple Watch,” writes Philips Hue on his website. It also says: “You will research and develop UI / UX approaches that are optimized for the small screen of the Apple Watch and go beyond the controls that we have on devices with larger screens such as smartphones and tablets.”

I’m not assuming that Philips Hue will bring out a corresponding update this year. But we can safely state that the Apple Watch theme continues to play a role in the development of the Hue app – and that’s not a bad sign at all.

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