the audio output has a nice surprise

The jack of the latest MacBook Pro can adjust its output level to that of the headphones connected to it, with the promise of better sound.

The new ones MacBook Pro are definitely full of surprises. Not only do they bring exceptional performance with their new M1 Pro and M1 Max chips, but they also inaugurate a new mini-LED panel widely praised by the first critics.

In addition, these machines even ship ports that had bowed out in 2016, during the inauguration of the older generation of MacBook Pro with the Touch Bar. This has disappeared, and this new laptop vintage once again fully embraces its old connectivity, including the SD slot, the MagSafe connector for charging, and even the HDMI port, while still offering Thunderbolt ports. There is also a jack, which had never disappeared.

However, it is not quite the same jack that we found on old Apple machines. In a technical form, the Cupertino company describes an astonishing system allowing this plug to offer the best possible sound according to your audio equipment.

This socket is indeed capable of automatically adjusting the power it delivers according to the impedance of the headphones or speakers connected to it. Ultimately, for headphones of less than 150 ohms, the MacBook Pro can deliver up to 1.25 Vrms of power, while it can go up to 3 Vrms if the connected device exceeds 150 ohms.

This feature sounds silly, but it just might allow many users to rediscover headphone listening from their Macs. The audio amplifier will indeed be able to adapt perfectly to the headphones connected to it, and therefore provide an ideal level: the sound should logically become more dynamic and richer. Perfect for enjoying l’audio lossless Apple Music, for example!

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