The new LEGO “Mom I missed the plane” is available

LEGO is celebrating Kevin’s around the world with the launch of the new LEGO Ideas Home Alone set (Mom I missed the plane)!

This set represents the house from the first movie “Mom I Missed the Plane”, and was designed by Alex Storozhuk, a LEGO fan from Ukraine, via the LEGO Ideas platform. The set also contains a minifigure of the hero, Kevin McCallister, as well as four other characters from the film.

This LEGO Ideas Home Alone set is a reproduction of the famous house where Kevin found himself alone during the holidays, and which he defended from the clumsy attacks of burglars Harry and Marvin. The set includes several separate rooms across the ground floor, the first floor, the attic, the kitchen and the basement. You can also find the burglars’ “Oh-Kay” van, as well as the tree house, equipped with its zip line.

The set is filled with movie nods and comes complete with five iconic character minifigures: Kevin, Harry, Marvin, Mr. Marley and Kate, Kevin’s mother. With a total of 3,955 pieces, it’s also the biggest LEGO Ideas set ever!

The LEGO Ideas Home Alone set is available today priced at 249.99 euros.

Commander ce set LEGO

Where did Kevin go?

Recreating one of the world’s most beloved Kevins, along with his family home, has inspired LEGO to celebrate Kevin’s around the world. Indeed, research conducted by the group in partnership with Eleanor Turner, author of Baby Names 2022, showed that Mom’s Kevin McCallister I Missed the Plane, born in 1982, came at a time when the first name Kevin met a certain popularity in France, ranking 60th of the first names most given to boys. He even reached 1st place in 1991, when 13,330 Kevin were born in France, a year after the film’s release.

However, studies show that far fewer Kevin’s have been born in recent years, which gave LEGO the idea to symbolically launch a large international operation in search of Kevin! This grand quest invites fans to find the LEGO minifigure of the film’s hero, Kevin McCallister. It takes place on the LEGO site, in select LEGO stores and in several major cities around the world, including Paris, from November 1 to 30! It offers several opportunities to win a LEGO voucher worth $ 1,000, as well as a copy of the LEGO Ideas Home Alone set.

Commander ce set LEGO

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