VinFast, the Vietnamese car manufacturer that will seduce the European market with sales ‘a la Tesla’: without dealers

VinFast, which was born in 2018 as the first car manufacturer in Vietnam, continues to prepare a foray into the European market by 2022 with two smart electric SUVs. But it won’t do it the traditional way: skip dealerships to sell only through their stores.

Just like auto shows will never be the same again, the sales process in the auto industry is changing and dealerships will become part of history.

Two SUVs designed by Pininfarina


As collected Autonews Europe, VinFast will adopt a distribution model similar to Tesla, which does not depend on franchised dealers, but rather sell online and through company-owned stores.

The CEO of VinFast Europe said last month that sales would begin in France, Germany and the Netherlands in 2022, and a year later in Austria, Italy, Scandinavia and Switzerland for the second phase of its European strategy.

Pininfarina has designed two fully electric SUVs for VinFast, the midsize VF e35 and the large seven-seat VF e36.

In fact the manufacturer, who at first he opted for gasoline engines, will sell only fully electric vehicles in Europe, imported from its factory in Hai Phong, in northern Vietnam.

Still without data on sales volume and prices, the first reservations are expected to open in Europe in the spring of 2022, with the first deliveries in summer.

Many brands are betting on selling their models online exclusively, such as Volvo and its second electric car, the C40 Recharge, an SUV that advertises 420 km of autonomy and that will only be sold online.

Also, following in Tesla’s footsteps, Volkswagen announced in 2020 that your family of ID electric cars will be sold online only, for the moment in Germany, limiting dealers to “agents” who facilitate the sale.

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