WhatsApp begins to make payments to some users

WhatsApp has a function that allows payments between users, a function that was initially only available in India, but is now also in Brazil, with the aim of expanding to other countries in the coming months.

The operation of Whatsapp Pay We already mentioned it a few weeks ago, but it is so simple that it can be summarized in one sentence: After linking our account to a payment method, we can attach money to another user in the same way that we attach photos or videos.

Now there is more news about the system, since if we use the WhatsApp Pay system, WhatsApp will return part of the money sent, as a gift for trusting its platform.

They report it and WABetaInfo, where we see that a reader received just over 3.4 US dollars after sending payments to five people. There are no details that indicate how much you pay, or what percentage, or what conditions, since there is no official information from WhatsApp, only captures sent by lucky users to the media.

In the web Times Now indicate that at the moment the money back is only for Android users and is available for the first five transactions that a user makes after configuring WhatsApp Pay.

The funny thing is that sometimes the refund is higher than the amount paid. If one user pays another with one rupee in India, they can receive a refund of 51 rupees, a situation that will surely only be viable for a few weeks to encourage people to use the service.

The money back promotion only works with the latest beta version of WhatsApp, although that does not guarantee that the message “Give cash, get 51 rupees” will be seen at the top of the screen.

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