Why is the Dreame Z10 Pro the robot vacuum you absolutely need?

New to the robot vacuum family, the Dreame Z10 Pro has more than one trick up its sleeve. By offering an affordable and effective alternative to market leaders, Dreame is breaking out of the game with this model that is worth a look.

High level precision

In order not to lack precision, the Dreame Z10 Pro uses an LDS LiDAR laser which allows the environment to be reconstructed in 3D. The goal ? Create a precise mapping, all associated with various functionalities based on Artificial Intelligence. There is also a very successful frontal 3D obstacle avoidance technology. This allows common objects such as slippers, power cords and chairs to be detected faster and more accurately to avoid them.

Finished the robot blocked inadvertently or which starts to collide with your furniture and objects! In addition, its side sensors offer high precision allowing the vacuum cleaner to sweep along walls, without entering them, for an even more thorough cleaning.

Cleaning in every nook and cranny

With a height of 9.68cm, the Dreame Z10Pro goes easily under furniture, it also has no problem climbing on carpets or small steps up to 2cm high. Its spring loaded roller brush adapts flexibly to the floor and catches fine dust. Its specific design even prevents hair from tangling on the roller and makes cleaning easier. A side rotating brush is also present in order to collect the slightest dirt to be able to vacuum it.


65 days of tranquility thanks to its automatic collector

When you choose a robot vacuum cleaner, it is to take care of part of the daily household. Emptying your robot can quickly prove to be off-putting. In recent months, almost all the major manufacturers on the market have offered the famous self-draining base. Obviously, the Dreame Z10 Pro comes with it and it can run for up to 65 days in a row without having to manually empty your robot. Considering its price, this is a strong argument that allows the Dreame Z10 Pro to set itself a real benchmark for quality / price on the market.

But that’s not all, because the Dreame Z10 Pro also offers another special feature. It allows you to store the dust from the dump station in a 4L bag. The latter is ideal for people with allergies or if you have a pet at home, because once the dust is in this bag, you will have no contact with it. Note that it is also quite possible not to use a bag, it will then be necessary to empty the collector of the station directly, but having the choice is still a good point for Dreame.

A complete application

Thanks to its complete “Mi Home” application, the room-by-room mapping carried out by the Dreame Z10 Pro, allows you to choose the rooms to be cleaned and to program a specific cleaning in them. Controlling your robot remotely or having an overview of the status of the device’s sensors is also possible via the latter. Note that this robot is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and that you will be able to control it with your voice.

Unbeatable performance and value for money

The maximum suction power of the Dreame Z10 Pro is 4000 Pa (4 power levels) thanks to its 600W motor, the whole gives off a noise of about 80 db, which remains quite quiet for this type of product. For ever more efficient cleaning, the robot vacuum cleaner cuts the rooms into zones within which it moves in a zigzag fashion, while adapting to the objects it crosses. When it has space in front of it, it accelerates and goes faster, so cleaning can even be done faster!


Like most robot vacuums, the Dreame Z10 Pro is equipped with a water tank that allows you to mop at the same time, an interesting option depending on the type of floor you have. Finally, its large 5.200 mAh battery will guarantee you up to 150 minutes of autonomy, enough to spend throughout the house!

Where to buy it?

The ideal companion in your daily life, you will understand, the Dreame Z10 Pro has already proven during our test that we can count on it, it naturally establishes itself as a benchmark in the sector by offering an excellent quality / price ratio. ! The Dreame Z10 Pro is available from Amazon for 499 euros with a reduction of 30 euros using the code Z10PRO01.

Buy the Dreame Z10 Pro from Amazon

Reminder of the characteristics of the Dreame Z10 Pro:

  • Product Dimensions: 353 × 350 × 96.8mm
  • Dimension base auto-videuse : 302 × 403 × 483 mm
  • Suction power: 4000 Pa
  • Battery capacity: 5200 mAh (autonomy up to 150min)
  • Dust container capacity: 400ml
  • Water tank capacity: 150ml
  • Base tank capacity: 4L

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