Windows 11 available on more PCs

Microsoft is opening the floodgates for the update to Windows 11 wider. Many PC users who would not have rushed to the new version of the operating system can now get started, if they wish.

Although Microsoft released the final version of Windows 11 on October 5, not all compatible PCs have received the update. The publisher has chosen a gradual deployment solution to ensure everyone has the best possible experience. It is of course possible to “force” the installation of the update to Windows 11, but users who are not in a hurry can wait for the software to appear in Windows Update.

A deployment that will end in mid-2022

This could be the case right now. Microsoft has indeed announced that Windows 11 is now available for more compatible PCs. Improved availability which is the result of the machine learning model developed by the company to determine if the computer can accommodate this new version of the operating system.

Microsoft recommends installing Windows 11 to take advantage of the latest security measures, as well as new features like the refurbished interface, the new Microsoft Store, the menu bar, etc. The deployment of Windows 11 is not yet complete, however, the publisher having already announced that all PCs will receive their update by mid-2022.

To install the new software, you need a PC that runs at least Windows 10 (2004), with the September 2021 update. To find out if your computer is Windows 11 compatible, Microsoft offers a PC Health Check tool that performs a machine diagnostics. And if not, we can use a manipulation but beware, Microsoft has warned that these PCs will not always be supported.

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