90 percent of car companies affected: Ifo – material shortage in industry decreased somewhat

Of the Materialmangel in the German industry fell somewhat in October. According to a survey by the Ifo Institute, 70 percent of the companies complained about bottlenecks and problems in the procurement of primary products and raw materials – 7 percentage points less than in September. “But we cannot speak of a relaxation,” says the head of the Ifo surveys, Klaus Wohlrabe, in Munich on Wednesday. The companies expected that the “bottlenecks will persist well into the new year”. The result is rising prices: “We are seeing the price increases affect the entire economy,” says Wohlrabe.

Almost 90 percent of the manufacturers of electrical equipment and the automotive industry, 81 percent of the mechanical engineering companies and every second food manufacturer would have problems with material procurement. According to the ifo survey, industrial companies assume on average that the problems will last 8 months – the chemical and automotive industries are even expecting almost 10 months, the food industry 5.5 months. (dpa / gem)

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