Amazon presents smart air quality sensor

Amazon today introduced the Smart Air Quality Monitor. This can also be used with Alexa and managed in the app.

Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor is coming in December

Amazon has surprisingly presented a new device. The Smart Air Quality Monitor is a smart air quality sensor that can record the five most important values ​​for indoor air quality. It measures fine dust, VOCs, cole monoxide, humidity and temperature.

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The measured values ​​are clearly displayed in the Alexa app, but can also be shown on the display of an Echo Show. If you pair the sensor with an Echo device, you can also call up the air quality values ​​by voice command. If the values ​​change, the user can also be informed by message in the app or by voice announcement.

Price and availability

The Smart Air Quality Monitor from Amazon costs 79.99 euros and can be pre-ordered now. It will be delivered from December 8th.

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