Apple Fitness + arrives in Spain and other markets

After months of availability in a number of markets, Apple Fitness + continues to expand reaching Spain and 17 more markets, including Italy, Colombia and Mexico, among others, as they promised at the time, to enable users to carry out sports training within the desired categories and time frame.

Interested parties can subscribe to this service separately, with a cost of 9.99 euros per month or 79.99 euros per year, or as part of Apple One’s most advanced service package, Apple One Premium, with a cost of 28.95 euros per month.

What’s more, must have a Watch Series 3 watch or higher, which will be the activity monitoring device sports, which They can choose through the Fitness app on an iPhone, iPad or Apple TV from the available categories, also opting for the duration and coach, complementing the experience optionally with Apple Music for the selection of the accompanying playlist of the workouts.

At this point we must also remember the existence of an Artificial Intelligence algorithm, which Based on the selected activities and the metrics achieved, it will recommend the sports activities that it considers most appropriate.

Added to this are the integrated social skills, which will serve as motivation for users to try to reach the goal of their objectives in the selected trainings.

Although users will be able to easily know the exercises they have to perform just by looking at the screen, in this regard it must be indicated that there is no dubbing into different languages, so if you want to know what the trainer says, users will have the possibility to activate subtitles in your own language.

Apple Fitness+ It premiered on December 14 of last year in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States, now reaching new markets and just at the moment when the mantecados and Christmas lights are already present, which will at least allow a balance between the usual intake of this time with staying in shape.

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