Dialogue on Twitter to fight hunger: UN wants to talk to Musk about a billion dollar donation

Space Tourism or Fighting Hunger? If the United Nations has its way, the richest people in the world should donate some of their wealth to humanitarian causes. A corresponding offer to talk to Tesla-Gründer Elon Musk, which is estimated to be worth the equivalent of around 260 billion euros, said UN spokesman Farhan Haq.

Previously, there had been an unusual exchange between Musk and the head of the UN World Food Program WFP, David Beasley, on Twitter. In a CNN interview, Beasley asked for $ 6 billion from the super-rich to support 42 million starving people. Musk wrote on Twitter, “If WFP can detail on this Twitter thread how $ 6 billion can kill hunger in the world, I’ll sell Tesla stock and do it right away.”

“On Earth or in Space”

After that, Musk asked for details about the WFP budget and full transparency of where the money was going. Beasley replied, “Allow me to show you myself instead of tweets. We can meet anywhere – on earth or in space.” Musk didn’t react to that. According to UN spokesman Haq, a meeting between the two has not been scheduled either.

Musk, along with other billionaires such as Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, was recently criticized for costly space tourism plans. The super-rich want to establish a new line of business with their private space companies and promote space tourism for wealthy customers. Some observers dismissed this as a playground for businessmen. (dpa-AFX / gem)

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