Exchange instead of charging: E.Go Mobile offers customers battery exchange

The Aachen-based city electric car manufacturer Next.e.Go Mobile SE is now offering its customers a quick replacement of the drive battery if they unexpectedly want to drive a longer distance than planned. For this purpose, the company is setting up battery exchange stations called “e.Pit”, where customers can exchange their almost empty battery for a fully charged one. According to the announcement, the first two stations are now in operation at the Aachen and Zülpich plants; others are to follow in Düsseldorf and Hamburg, among others.

On the way back or at a later point in time, but no later than within a month, the customer can then pick up his original battery fully charged at the same station. The customers remain the owners of their original batteries and keep track of things using the e.Go app with their battery ID. The service is therefore made available to all e.Go customers free of charge as part of their annual exchange contingent.

One hour at the beginning

Replacing the battery should take about an hour. The process would be faster than a full charge at a conventional public charging station. E.Go claims to be working on getting the exchange done faster in the future. The goal is 30 minutes to replace a drive battery. (mer)

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