Facebook abandons its facial recognition system

The web giant has formalized its goal of ending its facial recognition systems, and now wants to remove more than a billion registered models.

While Facebook / Meta is currently going through one of the worst communication crises in its history because of the Facebook Files highlighted by whistleblower Frances Haugen, the social network multiplies the actions to redeem an image. Just a few days ago, Mark Zuckerberg announced the name change of his company, now renamed Meta. A way for GAFAM to highlight its new ambitions linked to the metaverse, but above all to sweep under the carpet its persistent bad reputation.

This week, Facebook is tackling another sensitive subject. The social network has decided toabandon your facial recognition system. Used since 2010, this tool adopted by “More than a third of users” assures the company, until now allowed to identify people present in a photo or a video. Problem, at a time when the firm is regularly singled out for its sometimes serious breaches on the subject of privacy, the storage and use of more than a billion biometric models based on users of the platform have hard to pass.

Facebook cleans up

To buy back its image, Facebook has therefore taken a consequent decision: in addition to abandoning its facial recognition system, the company will also delete all stored biometric identification data for more than ten years, that is to say more than a billion profiles in total. Concretely, when a user wants to post a group photo, he should manually add all the people present, the algorithm no longer allowing automatic identification.

Although she believes that facial recognition technology can be very useful in everyday life, Meta seems to have realized that facial recognition also arouses “Many concerns”, especially at a time when no legal text comes to clearly legislate on its limits, details Jérôme Pesenti, vice-president of the company in charge of artificial intelligence in a communicated.

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