Facebook bans more than a thousand government troll accounts

In operation since 2018, this troll factory had more than a thousand accounts, and was particularly active on political issues.

Monday November 1, the group Meta – formerly known as the Facebook group – announced the disappearance of a major troll factory. Located in Nicaragua in Central America, the Telcor company, a priori without history, actually hosted more thana thousand troll accounts orchestrated by the Nicaraguan government. Since 2018, and while opponents of President Daniel Ortega’s regime have suffered violent police repression, this company has thus played a significant role in the manipulation of public debate online.

Over 1000 accounts deleted

A situation to which Meta finally reacted. In a statement released yesterday, the Californian group announced that it had eliminated 937 Facebook accounts, 140 public or private pages, and 24 groups. 363 Instagram accounts are also affected. All would have shared pro-government messages, aimed at discrediting political opponents by Daniel Ortega. For Mark Zuckeberg’s group, this is one of the “Largest intergovernmental troll operations that we have eliminated to date, with several state entities participating in this activity at the same time”. So many groups “Technically connected to the main operation”, Which constituted “The ramifications of a main network”.

Facebook does not want to play a role in politics

Orchestrated by the government in place, this troll factory would have been particularly active a few years ago, when Daniel Ortega violently repressed the demonstrations of his political opponents, in demonstrations that caused the death of at least 300 people. In power since 2007, the current Nicaraguan president is currently seeking a fourth term. He is also accused of having imprisoned or placed under house arrest at least seven of his political opponents, and nearly forty public opponents.

Be careful, however, this strong decision on the part of Facebook has – officially at least – no connection to politics. According to the former NATO executive, now a consultant in “Influence operations” at Meta Ben Nimmo, this massive deletion would only be due to the inappropriate behavior (such as the use of fake accounts) of the troll factory on the various platforms of the group. Nothing to do with the published content therefore assures Meta, which wants to be outside any political consideration, no doubt to make people forget the scandals linked to Cambridge Analytica and the last American elections.

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