How to generate images with artificial intelligence from text

An artificial intelligence system can build images based on a line of text. Copies like GIVE HER they are already available to anyone, but the available alternatives remain limited.

Adding a new option, a new application allows us to generate images under the same dynamics, free of charge and from the comfort of the mobile.

Starryai, an AI that generates images based on texts

Through a free application for iOS and Android, Starryai allows you to generate images based on a sentence or a series of keywords and allows you to choose from a wide variety of processing presets, depending on the style you expect to obtain (abstract, surreal , hyper-realistic or in the style of some famous artist, to name examples).

To use the application, it is not necessary to register and the results generated are the property of the requesting user, who may use these works for the purposes he deems appropriate, including commercial purposes.

The images take a couple of minutes to generate. Once the order is submitted, it can continue to be processed in the background. To access the download of the generated image as soon as it is ready, notifications can be configured in the app.

During the process of creating the images, the application’s algorithm is responsible for generating a series of layers that are superimposed to obtain the final result. These layers are preserved along with the original image, allowing users to choose some intermediate version instead of the final product.

Starryai allows you to generate a maximum of two images per day. The results obtained are stored in the app for seven days, time allocated for the review and download of the material created, until its final disappearance.

The images are obtained in PNG format and in a resolution of 400 x 400 pixels. It is not a large size, but the contribution is still valuable as it provides access to a tool with little availability for “common users” of the network. However, with the support of tools to increase the quality of photos, you can get interesting results.

Additional information and access to downloading the mobile applications of this tool can be found at

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